Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Researching and writing Making Vintage 1920s Costumes for Women

I'm currently researching and writing my second book for The Crowood Press. The working title is Making Vintage 1920s Costumes for Women. My deadline is early November 2016 but I hope to be finished earlier (unlikely!) As with Making Edwardian Costumes for Women the idea is to recreate a collection of original garments held in regional museum archives which reflect the clothes worn by non-elite women of the period. All projects are based on the collections at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, and Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove. They include a pyjama suit, 4 dresses, a wool coat, an opera coat, and a velvet jacket and skirt with silk blouse. One of my favourite projects is a complete wedding ensemble with a lilac silk dress originally bought in smart London department store Bourne and Hollingsworth. The wedding ensemble also includes underwear, a lace hat and mittens. The bride was called Iris and the colour of her wedding clothes reflected her name. I was able to interview the bride's daughter who gave me some wonderful background information which was such a treat.

Two lightweight, easy to make summer frocks feature in one of the chapters. They both slip on over the head, so no fastenings or bust darts, which shows that dresses were intended to skim the body with room to spare. To be continued...
Sears Catalogue 1924

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