Sunday, 10 January 2016

Making Edwardian Costumes for Women

A sneak preview of some of the projects in my new book, beginning with a set of underwear;

The fabulous sketches in the book are by University of Brighton illustration student Joe McCrae
Although it's often written that split drawers were out of fashion by the Edwardian period my research proves otherwise. At one of my museum talks I even met a woman who told me that her mother wore them until the 1950s! 

Each of the 11 projects includes a pattern which has to be scaled up. An amazing copy shop can do this but otherwise it's a case of following instructions in the book. Step-by-step instructions and photographs are used to demonstrate the making process. Sewing is not the only reason to read the book. It contains a lot of detailed research relating to fashion and dressmaking in the period, much of it taken from my MA dissertation on the sweated production and cross-class consumption of Edwardian blouses.

Each project is recreated to be as close to the original museum garment as possible. Finding the right weight of cotton for the underwear was proving tricky until I happened to mention this to Simon at Depotex  in Lewes. He had just acquired a few rolls of cotton that had been discovered in an old shipping container where they had been since World war Two! The weight and slightly uneven slub were perfect.

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