Friday, 14 August 2015

Event: Edwardian and WW1 fashion study day at Worthing Museum, 17 October 2015

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A whole day devoted to the study of fashion from the Edwardian and WW1 period


The day will be spilt into a series of short talks and events.

  • Suzanne Rowland – Making and Wearing Edwardian fashion. An illustrated talk based on research for the book Making Edwardian Costume for Women which includes reproductions of original garments from Worthing Museum with step-by-step instructions for making.  There will be a display of completed projects alongside original pieces from the museum. 

Tea break
  • Jayne Shrimpton – An illustrated talk on fashion and clothing in Edwardian photographs, to include images of men, women and children. The museum's collection of Edwardian photographs will be available to view after the talk.

Lunch provided at the museum followed by a guided behind the scenes tour of the costume store with curator Gerry Connelly to see some of the highlights of the collection

  • Jayne Shrimpton – An illustrated talk using photographs, adverts, posters and postcards from WW1 exploring images of fashion, uniforms and clothing. The talk will look at clothing worn by men, women and children.
Tea break
  • Suzanne Rowland – Making and Wearing Fashionable Blouses during WW1. An illustrated talk exploring the significance of lightweight blouses to the women who wore them, with an exploration of how wartime conditions impacted on manufacturing processes. Evidence includes surviving blouses, adverts, trade papers and photographs.  

Photograph and costume dating

There will be an opportunity at the end of the study day to bring in family photographs or any existing Edwardian or WW1 items of clothing for dating and evaluation

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