Sunday, 5 January 2014

Researching manufacturing by department stores, 1900-1920

I am currently looking for archives or any information relating to the manufacturing of women's fashion in department stores between 1900-1920. I have read on the National Archives website that archives are often destroyed once a company no longer exists. This is bad news for researchers! Ideally I would like to find information relating to Bourne and Hollingsworth, an Oxford Street store which opened in 1902.

I am looking to expand my MA dissertation by concentrating on the production of mass produced blouses. During initial research in museum collections I found blouses with a variety of Bourne and Hollingsworth labels including those stating 'manufactured by Bourne and Hollingsworth' indicating they were not just store labels. Another possible manufacturer was JAS Shoolbred who also produced furniture. Shoolbred blouses were upmarket and often featured in society journal The Ladies' Field both in editorials and advertising. Any suggestions gratefully received!
The Ladies' Field, 1906

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