Monday, 1 October 2012

Edwardian S silhouette

This disjointed  image is taken from an advertisement and it shows, in exaggerated form, the fashionable Edwardian 'S' shaped woman. For daywear she tended to favour a high collar, pouched front blouse or bodice and skirts that skimmed the hips and flared at the hem. The waist was narrow, often emphasised by a belt. Hidden from sight was a chemise, some drawers, a corset and a petticoat. The bust was just that, one bust or 'mono bosom'. For leaving the house there were lace-up leather boots, gloves, a brimmed hat and a jacket, coat or mantle. 

for a more realistic idea of the Edwardian silhouette these photographs taken by Punch cartoonist Edward Linley Sambourne are amazing
This woman has a cuff on one arm. She might be a typist wearing a paper cuff for protection from the ink.

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