Monday, 18 April 2011

1970s craft books - Golden Hands

I have a set of eighteen 1970s craft books called Golden Hands. There are some fantastic projects to recreate. As a contributor to a craft magazine myself, which involves designing, making projects and writing instructions for readers, it's interesting to compare projects from the 70s to those currently featured in craft magazines. The main difference is the level of skill needed for 70s projects - readers were given projects that required them to sew, knit, make macrame, applique, crochet and work with leather in quite sophisticated ways.

Vogue pattern ideas included in Golden Hands

Elegant lines in subdued colours

Knitted beachwear, wonder why that's not still around...

Male models looked different in the seventies!

I really love this sketch with the long curled eyelashes 

Finally, my favourite photo, you just don't get models posing with a glass of wine these days!

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