Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Making replica 'Fall Front' trousers

'Split falls' or 'fall front'? I'm not sure exactly what to call them. In one tailoring department our cutter called them 'split falls', but as with all things sewing related there is often more than one term to describe a process. I am making a copy of some trousers from c.1820-30 to use as a replica in a museum display. So far I have taken a pattern from this easy to follow book by R.I Davis, partly made them up and fitted them on a mannequin at Brighton Museum.

I used cotton tape to finish the waist because the trousers have to fit under a very tight waistcoat. These brown buttons are too modern so I replaced them with buttons covered in the same fabric.

The trousers were made to sit under this amazing coat. It's completely hand made, the tiny stitches holding it together are barely visible.

The finished trousers on display in 'Dress For Excess: Fashion in Regency England'

5 February 2011 to 5 February 2012, Royal Pavilion, Brighton.
A fashion exhibition celebrating the life of George IV, with period costumes from the Georgian period

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